Arctic360’s Jessica Shadian and Madeleine Redfern contribute to the Parliamentary Affairs subcommittee Report of the Standing Committee on National Defence “A SECURE AND SOVEREIGN ARCTIC”

Dr. Shadian underlined that “we need to know what we have. We need a comprehensive inventory of existing critical infrastructure with potential multi-use purposes [and] its state of repair/disrepair.” 13 As well, she contended that “we need a vision, so we need to have a sense of where we want to go.” Agreeing with Dr. Shadian, Madeleine Redfern proposed that defence-related investments should be complemented by “a really fulsome infrastructure investment strategy that pulls in the private sector, from the mines to the investors, the northern and federal governments, and of course our Indigenous communities and peoples, who want to be part of that”.

Their testimony can be found here

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