Canada’s premier Arctic think tank

We are a non-partisan, registered not-for-profit organization with a majority Indigenous-led leadership team. We work with Indigenous corporations and Northern governments, the federal government, the private sector, Arctic leaders, like-minded neighbours, think tanks, and institutions around the circumpolar region and beyond.  Our mission is to elevate the national conversation about Canada’s North and the Arctic region, and to provide an inclusive and coordinated platform for Canada to engage in Arctic discussions around the world.

“Arctic 360 intends to address the full range of economic challenges that persist in the Canadian North due to the lack of infrastructure from…the creation of a Bay Street Northern Professionals internship program, plans to take Bay Street investors to visit the North…turning the inaugural conference into an annual conference…as well as developing an Arctic Infrastructure Investment Analysis…Up to now there is no other think tank that focuses squarely on these topics…[and] includes an Arctic 360 office steps away from Bay Street as well as a branch in Iqaluit…Arctic 360’s Board of Directors and advisors are some of the leading professionals in the North and/or whom have dedicated their careers to the well-being and prosperity of the Arctic. I have considerable expectations for Arctic 360 to become the premier think tank in Canada dedicated to the emerging economy of the North American Arctic.”

— Clint Davis, CEO, Nunasi Corporation, 2018

Arctic360 Five Year Vision

In collaboration with our partners and collaborators at home and like-minded neighbours, think tanks, organizations, and institutions around the circumpolar region, we will be Canada’s leading venue for informed Arctic dialogue, independent policy relevant research, and actionable ideas which will enable Canada to be recognized as an Arctic nation respected for its persistent leadership and engagement, transparency, and accountability in creating inclusive and sustainable economic prosperity, innovate thinking, and mobilizing change.

Strengthening the
North American Arctic

Arctic360 is dedicated to educating and engaging with the public about the pressing issues and potential solutions for building a prosperous and sustainable Arctic region. Contact us if you have any questions about our activities or if you would like to be more involved.