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Canada’s premier Arctic think tank. We are a non-partisan, registered not-for-profit organization with a majority Indigenous-led leadership team. We work with Indigenous corporations and Northern governments, the federal government, the private sector, Arctic leaders, like-minded neighbours, think tanks, and institutions around the circumpolar region and beyond. Our mission is to elevate the national conversation about Canada’s North and the Arctic region, and to provide an inclusive and coordinated platform for Canada to engage in Arctic discussions around the world.

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4 – 6 FEBRUARY 2025

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“Arctic think tanks of different countries and capitals are extremely useful. They are the venues that we use to discuss the issues we have in the Arctic; we can also meet in a more informal setting in order to reach the consensus that we need to move forward.”

— Kenneth Hoegh, Head of Representation to Canada and US, Greenland Representation, 2022 

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Your support allows us to continue with our efforts to elevate Canada’s national conversation on the Arctic at home and abroad. We are a Canadian non-profit dedicated to education and research to support a sustainable, peaceful, and prosperous Arctic region.

Arctic360 Five Year Vision

In collaboration with our partners and collaborators at home and like-minded neighbours, think tanks, organizations, and institutions around the circumpolar region, we will be Canada’s leading venue for informed Arctic dialogue, independent policy relevant research, and actionable ideas which will enable Canada to be recognized as an Arctic nation respected for its persistent leadership and engagement, transparency, and accountability in creating inclusive and sustainable economic prosperity, innovate thinking, and mobilizing change.

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