Jessica M. Shadian, Ph.D.

President and CEO, Arctic360

Shadian spent 20 years living and working throughout the Nordic and North American Arctic as a researcher, professor, and consultant. Her research and publications focus on Arctic geopolitics, Canadian Arctic foreign policy and diplomacy, Arctic infrastructure, critical minerals, and innovation. Her expertise is regularly solicited by international media outlets, governments, think tanks, and other institutions throughout the circumpolar region and globally.

Shadian’s 2014 book entitled: The Politics of Arctic Sovereignty: Oil, Ice, and Inuit Governance (Routledge) is the first in-depth history of the Inuit Circumpolar Council (ICC) and Inuit sovereignty in global politics reaching back to pre-European discovery. Shadian holds a Ph.D. in Global Governance from the University of Delaware (2006) during which she wrote her dissertation at the Scott Polar Research Institute (SPRI), University of Cambridge, UK on an NSF award.

Shadian spent 5 years in the Norwegian High North as a post-doctoral researcher at the Barents Institute and then as a Senior Researcher at the High North Center for Business and Governance, Nord University, Bodø. During this time, Shadian became the co-creator and organiser of an Arctic Dialogue series which brought together state and local political leaders, oil and gas and other industry leaders, local Indigenous communities, and academia (from Norway, Alaska, and Greenland) concerned with Arctic offshore oil and gas development to share knowledge and ideas. Through a Marie Curie COFUND Fellowship award, Shadian served as an Associate Professor, Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies (AIAS), Denmark before completing a two-year Nansen Professorship, co-funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the University of Akureyri, Iceland in June 2017. Having settled in Canada, her experiences around the Arctic made it clear that Canada needed its own Arctic specific think tank and working in collaboration with colleagues she dedicated herself full-time to build Arctic360.

Madeleine Redfern, LL.B.

Executive Director of the Northern Branch, Arctic360

Madeleine Redfern is an Inuk involved in high-tech and innovation and is actively involved in transformative technologies in telecommunications, transportation, and energy. The former Mayor of Iqaluit, Madeleine is President of the Ajungi Consulting Group, Chair of the Nunavut Legal Services Board, Advisor to the Canadian Nuclear Laboratories, and a Board member of Maliiganik Legal Aid. She is a graduate of the Akitsiraq Law School with an LLB from the University of Victoria and the first Inuk to be given a Supreme Court of Canada clerkship.

Madeleine is also Chief Operating Officer at CanArctic Inuit Networks Inc, which is committed to building 4500 km of marine fibre optic cable into Canada’s Arctic to significantly improve telecommunications in Inuit Nunangat and Nunavut. She is also CEO of SednaLink Marine Systems, which would transform segments of SednaLink fibre optic cable into a SMART (science monitoring and reliable telecommunications) cable to monitor marine climate changes, assist with environmental monitoring (especially near marine protected areas) and help in collecting marine intelligence.

Madeleine has a great deal of governance and volunteer experience with Indigenous and Inuit organizations, including, as Secretary-Treasurer of the Inuit Non-Profit Housing Corporation, President of the Tungasuvvingat Inuit Community Centre, founding Board Member of Ottawa Inuit Headstart, and founding member of the WabanoAboriginal Health Centre. She was also Executive Director of the Qikiqtani Truth Commission, which reviewed the “effects of federal government policies on Eastern Arctic Inuit” between the 1950s and 1980s. Her advocacy, professional, and governance work has shown her dedication and passion toward the development and delivery of programs assisting Aboriginal, Inuit, northerners and Canadians that reflect community values, needs, and priorities.

“Arctic 360 intends to address the full range of economic challenges that persist in the Canadian North due to the lack of infrastructure from…the creation of a Bay Street Northern Professionals internship program, plans to take Bay Street investors to visit the North…turning the inaugural conference into an annual conference…as well as developing an Arctic Infrastructure Investment Analysis…Up to now there is no other think tank that focuses squarely on these topics…[and] includes an Arctic 360 office steps away from Bay Street as well as a branch in Iqaluit…Arctic 360’s Board of Directors and advisors are some of the leading professionals in the North and/or whom have dedicated their careers to the well-being and prosperity of the Arctic. I have considerable expectations for Arctic 360 to become the premier think tank in Canada dedicated to the emerging economy of the North American Arctic.”

— Clint Davis, CEO, Nunasi Corporation, 2018

Partnership Committee

Trina Hiscock, Founder & Chief Simplifier, TRIA Consulting/Strategic Advisor to Arctic360

Rosemary Kuptana, Inuit Political Leader

Dan Pujdak, Chief Strategy Officer, Blackbird Strategies

Advisory Committee

Darron Bain, Managing Director, Concert Infrastructure

Clint Davis, Chief Executive Officer, Nunasi Corporation

Jim Gamble, Senior Arctic Program Officer, Pacific Environment, Anchorage, Alaska

Michael Gordon, Director General Kativik Regional Government (KRG)

Paul Gruner, Chief Executive Officer, Tahltan Nation Development Corporation (TNDC)

Tom Hoefer, Executive Director, NWT & Nunavut Chamber of Mines

Inuuteq Holm-Olsen, Minister Plenipotentiary at the Greenland Representation to the EU in Brussels.

Bob McLeod, Former Premier of the Northwest Territories

Elie Mouzon, Software Executive, ESG/HSE/GRC

Tom Paddon, Chair, Baffinland Iron Mines

David Ramsay, Former Minister, Dept of Industry, Tourism and Investment, Gov’t of the NW Territories; Board of Directors for Fortune Minerals

Alice Rogoff, MBA, Publisher, Arctic Today

Mead Treadwell, Co-Chair, Polar Institute, Wilson Center

Doug Turnbull, Vice Chairman and Country Head, Canada, DBRS Morningstar

Strengthening the
North American Arctic

Arctic360 is dedicated to educating and engaging with the public about the pressing issues and potential solutions for building a prosperous and sustainable Arctic region. Contact us if you have any questions about our activities or if you would like to be more involved.