Episode Seven: Politics in Canada and Greenland

While much has been done of late to strengthen the North American Arctic, there is much potential to strengthen the ties between Canada and Greenland. The win-win of a closer relationship between the two countries has long been touted as a way to mitigate the persistent issues in the region such as security, economic under-development, and the infrastructure gap.

What can the two countries be doing more of to reach this elusive win-win outcome? How can governments, and business communities on both sides help us get there?

Today on Breaking the Ice, Dr. Jessica Shadian, Elliott Simpson, and Ayoe Kristiansen discuss this with two people keenly aware of the risks of continuing down this path of ‘business as usual,’ Leona Alleslev – MP for Aurora, Oak Ridges, and Richmond hill, and Vittus Qujaukitsoq – former Minister for Finance and Nordic Cooperation.

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