“You Can’t Be What You Can’t See”

– Marian Wright Edelman, founder of the children’s defense fund, on the rights of black children

First Steering Committee Meeting (PDF)

Second Steering Committee Meeting (PDF)

Arctic360 2024 Annual Conference Workshop (PDF)

Project Partners and Steering Committee


Overview: Our project will enable strategic short to long-term public, private, and Indigenous investment in green, connected, smart, and climate-resilient multi-user and multipurpose infrastructure in the Canadian North. The interactive, visual, and data-driven mapping tool will be the first comprehensive tool that helps consolidate and understand what exists currently, short-term needs, and accompanying data required by government and private investors. It will identify and enable planning and investment in strategic multipurpose social, economic, and defence infrastructure including economic potential for the Canadian North in key sectors (critical minerals, tourism, fisheries, mining, telecommunications, defence, energy, innovation, blue economy), a roadmap for 2050 (transcending individual election cycles), and investor potential (i.e., multiple projects, pipelines of projects, project templates for replication).

Background: Our project origins reach back to our First Steering Committee Meeting in 2020. Yet, those efforts were built on several years of ongoing conversations leading into and coming out of our Inaugural Arctic360 Conference which focused on infrastructure and how to attract private capital investment to Canada’s North

Today our project is a collaboration with ConvergX. Our steering committee has brought in new members and our advisory group has been created.

Thanks to the Department of National Defence (DND)– we were able to host a Pre-Conference workshop to update our project plans and continue to move ahead seeking both additional public and private funding and help in further co-developing our efforts.

Please feel free to search around this page which includes some of our earlier discussions and presentations.

If you would like to learn more and have an interest in becoming involved please do not hesitate to reach out to us, we would love to hear from you!