Arctic360 and Canadian Coast Guard Roundtable: Advancing Safe and Reliable Marine Shipping in the Arctic


In March of 2019, Arctic360 and the Canadian Coast Guard convened the first workshop roundtable in Canada that brought together the marine insurance industry, financial institutions, Northern Indigenous governments and leaders, Northern governments, federal government departments, and academics to identify mechanisms to ensure safe and reliable marine shipping in the Canadian Arctic, and potential revenue sources that could support economic development and infrastructure investment.


On Wednesday, July 14, the Canadian Coast Guard, in partnership with Arctic360, will host a 2nd Canadian Roundtable to build upon previous discussions of the future of marine transportation and infrastructure in the Canadian Arctic.

The Roundtable is a full day, virtual event that brings together the marine transportation and marine insurance industry, financial institutions, the innovation technology


The workshop will be held on July 14, 2021 – Full day event (exact times TBA)

If you are interested in attending the event please contact Jessica Shadian: