Episode 12: Doing Business in Canada and Greenland

Accompanying the surge in political and diplomatic interest in the Arctic has been an increase in the amount of people who see the region as an exciting place to do business. Chambers of commerce, entrepreneurs, and big businesses are all starting to recognize the untapped commercial potential of the Arctic.

What does this mean for Canadian firms looking to trade more with their Arctic neighbours, and for Greenlandic ones looking abroad? And what are the implications for Indigenous-owned businesses?

Today on Breaking the Ice, our co-hosts sit down with four individuals at the heart of these questions: Christian Keldsen, Managing Director of the Greenland Business Association; Louise Lynge Berthelsen, a clothing design entrepreneur; Madeleine Redfern, co-founder of the Inuit Business Council; and Helene Scherling Olsen, a Senior Trade Advisor with the Danish Trade Council in Toronto.

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