Episode Six: Diplomacy in the Arctic

Greenland and Canada are neighbours in the Arctic, and they share much in the way of cultural ties. They also share an abundance of natural resources – especially critical minerals. The rest of the world has taken notice, as more and more countries look North in search of economic opportunity via increasingly viable shipping lanes, and newly accessible resources. Amidst all this however, is a persistent, shared gap in critical infrastructure.

But what is diplomacy’s role in all this? And how can the diplomatic ties shared between Canada and Greenland improve the economic, and human outlook in the North American Arctic?

Today on Breaking the Ice, Dr. Jessica Shadian, Elliott Simpson, and Ayoe Kristiansen sit down with two people intimately involved in the day to day matters of diplomacy between Canada and Greenland. Simeon McKay – Counsellor for Political and Public Affairs at the Embassy of Canada to the Kingdom of Denmark – and Inuuteq Holm Olsen, Minister Plenipotentiary and Head of Greenland’s representation at the Danish Embassy in Washington, DC.

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