Grays Bay Port and Road with Scott Northey

This is Uncharted, an Arctic360 podcast about the impact of COVID-19 on the North American Arctic. All summer long we’re talking to the people who live, work and govern the Arctic, to understand how we move forward from this moment in history. 

Today’s theme is the Grays Bay Port and Road. It’s an important construction project that will connect a deep-sea port at the border Nunavut and Yellowknife with the rest of the country. This is a region with a lot of minerals and resources, but not a lot of infrastructure to access it.

This week I sat down with Scott Northey, the Chief Operating Officer of Nunavut Resources Company. Once a part of the Toronto financial sector, he now plays a key role in getting the Grays Bay Port and Road project to be shovel-ready. We talk about the implications for the region, protecting Caribou migratory paths, and the role of Federal Funding for Grays Bay. And of course, how the pandemic has made everything just a little more complicated.

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